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Vinyl Windows

The windows in your home not only add natural light and architectural style, they play a substantial role in the energy efficient performance of your home. Parr’s window specialists work closely with architects, contractors, and homeowners, offering advice on the best products and styles to fit any need you may have.


Vinyl Windows

From residential to commercial use, vinyl windows have been engineered, refined, and tested for decades to perform in the most adverse conditions. Constructed with polyvinyl chloride frames, the common styles include single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, and fixed.


Additional design options include hardware finishes, frame colors, and grid designs. Glazing options are also available to further increase energy efficiency and added protection from damaging ultraviolet rays.


Why choose vinyl windows?


Superior value

Energy efficiency


Low maintenance



Vinyl windows manufacturers include:


Ply Gem




Wood Clad WIndows

Because of the variety of styles, hardware options and sizes, wood windows complement any architectural styles. Aluminum or vinyl clad wood windows are virtually maintenance free. Available in a variety of exterior colors and design options, the interior wood frame can be painted or stained to match the interior of your home.


Why choose wood windows?


Aesthetic appeal complements many architectural styles

Superior construction offers lasting performance

Extensive hardware options

Several interior and exterior color options

Add to your home’s value


Wood windows manufacturers include:





Fiberglass or Composite Windows

Fiberglass and composite windows are similar to wood in many ways. One of the biggest differences is affordability. Fiberglass and composite products are priced competitively yet still offer many of the features found in high-end wood offerings.


Fiberglass as a frame material is an excellent choice. The expansion and contraction rate of fiberglass is nearly the same as the glass unit seated inside it, so the opportunity for seal failure is minimized.


Why choose fiberglass or composite windows?


Low maintenance

Energy efficient

Stable frame materials

Variety of glazing options available


Fiberglass or Composite manufacturers include:

Integrity by Marvin

Andersen 100 series